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unspent donations are saved for another project and added to that fund.

Balance £72.29


A BIG thank you to those that have donated to the Trucker Jay channel, its with your help that is making the channel change for the better! 

Anonymous From UK £150

Gregory Price from UK £5.00

Wireless Microphone fund:

Many of you couldn't hear me very well so after buying a couple of mic's that didn't work I thought it best jus get a decent one and asked for your help.. You didn't hold back!

This is now completed and no more donations are needed. A BIG thank you to the anonymous donator from the UK

360 Camera Fund:

So Id like to offer you something no other Youtube truckers are offering, a 360 view of my cab. Look wherever you like.



Target is actually  unknown, The time I'm writing this the prices  are a few hundred but by the time money is raised the price could be much cheaper, So i will keep an eye on the fund and constantly check prices.  

Never seen 360 video before? check this out on youtube, If using a mac don't use safari. 


360 Camera Surf School

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